The Baltimore House and Studio (1968-1986)
The Baltimore House and Studio (1968-1986)
Baltimore was a green and quiet place for the artist to live.
This Mt. Washington house was a serene Baltimore place for Herman Maril to reside and paint in from 1967 to 1986.
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Published July 23, 1977
The Baltimore Sun

Several weeks ago, at a reception in Washington, I met an old acquaintance whom I had known in New York city years ago. He is now a director of a fairly well known museum. During the time of our conversation he asked me where I was living now. I told him I was living in Baltimore. “Baltimore,” he said, “I thought you lived in New York. Why do you live in Baltimore?”
“Because I like Baltimore,” I said, “and because I can easily get to New York or Philadelphia, or down to Washington.” On the way home, I started thinking: Why was I living un Baltimore?”
I was born here and have my roots here, but there were other reasons why I stayed. I had worked in, visited and lived in many other places. I spend  part of each year on Cape Cod. Yet, I feel very strongly about working and living in Baltimore.
My daughter, Nadja, had a night shirt when she was a small child, which had printed on it : To Know Me Is To Love Me.” This is true about my feeling for this city. I know the city. I have seen and wandered through most parts of it, and I have many friends and acquaintances here. It can be a stimulating place. One can live more comfortably and with more space here than in New York city or Washington with the same economic resources.
I enjoy the area where I live and work. I live within the city limits in a large old house. The house is located in a somewhat secluded little valley. We have trees, grass and  flowers. My studio is in the lower level of my home and I can work unhampered. Occasionally, when I have my morning coffee outside, I can observe the variety of birds  on the way to Cylburn. Sometimes they stop in my backyard first.  In the evening, I sometimes see a raccoon in the reedy hollows.
I do have strong nostalgic feelings about the city. I recall walks in my early childhood with my father, exploring the wharves and looking at the many ships along the Inner Harbor. In my early youth, I remember the many days I spent sketching from Federal Hill. This is a colorful city and within its metropolitan boundaries are many diverse areas of contrast and harmony.
There are many different ethnic groups here that one finds stimulating to know. Many gems of architecture are hidden away in narrow streets in the inner city. The feeling that people live here and have their roots here is evident to greater degrees than one finds in many other cities in this country. Despite the development of the high-rise, one still finds that this is a city of homes.
I find that I can work here and truly concentrate. The quiet of the place is conducive to the digestions of one’s ideas. On can do one’s work here and not -feel isolated. Living in Baltimore offers a type of serenity to me, and at the same time it is not too faraway from a few other places. When I want to see the galleries and museums in New York, or have contact with whom of my out-of-town friends, I can hop on a train and be there in a couple of hours.
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The Baltimore Studio
The Baltimore Studio
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